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Ring Central Review

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Ring Central is, quite simply, the best VOIP-based phone system for businesses we came across in our extensive research into this category. With a wide range of great features and enough flexibility to allow it to be introduced to businesses of every different size and shape, we felt that Ring Central could be the start of a new era of cost-savings and efficiency in communications for business users.

Already the phone provider of choice for tens of thousands of business users worldwide, Ring Central has built up a reputation in recent years as the relatively undisputed market leader in high-quality, powerful hosted VOIP phone services. If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, read on to find out everything you need to know about Ring Central and the services it offers!

Ring Central is built around a central VOIP-based phone service product, although the company does provide a range of ancillary services that are also likely to appeal to business users. Ring Central’s virtual business phone system boasts that it can deliver all of the functionality that users would expect from the phone systems of fortune 500 companies, without the same hefty price tag, or the associated hardware or maintenance costs. Such claims may sound too good to be true, but recently, VOIP-based phone services have taken off and the number of business users replacing their existing phone systems with VOIP-based alternatives is rapidly increasing. Ring Central really is at the forefront of this communications revolution, with its products picking up industry awards across the board (including being named “Communications Product of the Year”) and being featured across popular media on NBC, Market Watch, The Washington Post and more.

Ultimately, Ring Central’s best (and most popular) service is its hosted phone and fax solution that already partners with major communications brands such as AT&T, Cisco, Rogers and more. Users of this service can choose from available local or vanity numbers (to help give off the right impression for your business and attract new customers). The hosted PBX service means that, unlike regular phone systems based on on-site PBX hardware, once you have selected your number and set up your system (to include departments, extensions etc.), Ring Central takes over complete responsibility for the running of the service – leaving you free to concentrate on more important issues. From then on all incoming and outgoing calls are routed automatically through your Ring Central virtual PBX, resulting in unparalleled levels of call-quality and efficiency in managing calls.

  With most customers reporting up to 65% savings on their traditional phone systems, Ring Central could help to propel your business to new heights.  

Ring Central’s VOIP and hosted virtual PBX system can be used to connect multiple offices in different geographical locations, departments and mobile employees – meaning no matter how widespread your organization is, Ring Central can still be used to bring together all of your communication needs into one system. A range of additional features help ensure that calls are always answered efficiently and that those calling in have a good experience of doing so. Ring Central’s mobile services works with the cell phones you already use, letting mobile employees link up to the system to make and receive calls complete with Ring Central’s trademark call quality and at the same low cost.

Ring Central apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry help to make the user-experience even more straightforward and enjoyable, providing instant, always-on integration with Ring Central for users of these devices. Users can also send faxes using the system without the need to adopt any new hardware or technology, perfect for those who want the functionality of a full-blown phone and communications system without the price tag that normally comes with these services. A range of other subsidiary features, such as music on hold, dial-by-name directories, click to call from web pages, outlook integration and many more help to improve the user experience and give Ring Central the functionality to help small businesses grow.

Ring Central also provides customers with a range of call-based features that help operators and staff deal with calls in a more efficient way. Call Waiting and Call Forwarding features are available as standard on all Ring Central packages, meaning operators can deal with multiple calls quickly, improving the user experience for all concerned.

Voicemail features are also excellent with Ring Central, with users being able to access voicemail remotely, receive email notifications of new messages, have voicemail messages transcribed and sent to specified email accounts and more. These features make it easier to manage your messages and improve response rates. As you would expect with a service like Ring Central, users can also expect to benefit from some seriously high-quality aftercare too – with video and interactive demonstrations to help you set up the service and address minor issues, as well as constantly available support through phone and email.

Ring Central provides a number of excellent products that help small and growing businesses provide for their future through building a high-quality and robust communications system. With a number of excellent features and a wide range of inclusive services Ring Central could be the perfect service to help you reduce your communications costs and improve the service you provide to associates, customers, clients and colleagues alike.

With most customers reporting up to 65% savings on their traditional phone systems, Ring Central could help to propel your business to new heights. If you’re looking for a new phone system, hit the link below to find out everything you need to know about Ring Central and the services it offers – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed by what’s on offer here.

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