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Category: Business VOIP Services (AKA Internet Phone Services)
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Phone Power Review

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Phone Power VOIP provides landline quality phone services to residential and businesses customers across the US. With a range of services encompassing everything from basic, single line domestic VOIP services for residential use, to extensive hosted virtual PBX systems for businesses, PhonePower VOIP really does have something for everyone and is the perfect choice if you’re looking to make the switch to VOIP for the first time. PhonePower prides itself on giving its customers the chance to enjoy low-cost, reliable connections that are effortlessly easy to install and use. In addition to all of this, PhonePower also takes pride in being an eco-organisation, making use of recycled materials wherever possible in order to limit its impact on the natural environment. If all of this appeals to you, head over to PhonePower today to give this service a spin!

One of the most talked-about elements of PhonePower is the vast range of features that are on offer that make the service one of the most popular we have reviewed in this category. Users can install the service in a matter of minutes by simply plugging in any phone into their free PhonePower adapter or linking up their mobile or computer to the service (making PhonePower fully Softphone compatible). On installing the service, users can opt to either take a new number or keep their existing number by ‘porting’ it to their new PhonePower service.

Listing the 45 premium features on offer at this service would be a bit of an undertaking, but take it from us that there’s a lot going on here. Particular favorites of ours include ‘FailSafe’ an automatic forwarding feature that kicks in whenever your service experiences issues, forwarding all of your calls to a specified number; and the service’s excellent voicemail features that make it easier than ever to manage and deal with your messages. With such great features, it’s no surprise that PhonePower has taken up the second spot in our rankings for this category.

Customers of PhonePower VOIP can choose from a number of service plans and contract types, meaning regardless of the size or type of organization, there’s almost certainly a PhonePower plan on offer that would increase savings on the communications expenses your business already encounters. Contracts range from two years right through to monthly rolling contracts that offer the most flexibility, with prices becoming cheaper (as you would expect) the longer the contract duration. Obviously it’s better value to seek a long term contract but, given the fact that there are cancellation fees to bear in mind if you cancel early, some organizations may prefer to retain the flexibility of a monthly plan. What’s more, all plans are covered by the PhonePower 30-day no risk guarantee – if you’re not happy with the service you receive from PhonePower you can claim your money back (although we don’t think it’s likely that you will!)

We loved checking out what PhonePower had to offer its customers. With a range of great features that help make it easier to manage high volumes of calls (in a business setting) or just one (in a residential setting) and some great value calling plans, PhonePower could not only help you save money, but also improve the service you have to offer to clients and customers alike. If you’re looking for a way to revolutionize your communication, give PhonePower a try!

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