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Category: Business VOIP Services (AKA Internet Phone Services)
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Voip Discount Review

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Voip Discount is a VOIP-based calling service that offers users a low-cost alternative to traditional line-based calling. Voip Discount is ideal for home office and residential users who wish to be able to make cheap calls and don’t wish to pay a monthly subscription to use the service. With some of the lowest per-minute call rates to a wide range of international destinations, with users only paying for the calls they make (and not a monthly fee), Voip Discount may be a good choice for those who want to give VOIP-calling a try. It is worth noting at the outset however, that Voip Discount does not offer complex virtual PBX systems for businesses (unlike some other services we have reviewed in this category), so if that is the sort of service you’re looking for, check out other reviews in this category for help and advice!

While Voip Discount is a simple service compared to others we have reviewed in this category, its basic features are robust and well-constructed, leading to a great overall experience for the user. The new and improved desktop software makes it easy to place and receive calls and users can still opt to plug in a regular phone or use a cellphone to make calls too. Mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian make this a mobile service too – letting you benefit from low cost domestic and international calling wherever you are.

We’ve already said that the Voip Discount pricing system, that allows customers to pay only for the calls they make (much like Skype, a market leader in this area), will appeal to some customers. While this is ideal for ‘home office’ users, business users may find the credit-based system cumbersome and it may not be suitable for organizations that have more than one or two staff wishing to use the service. Monitoring credit in this case could become difficult as operational issues may arise while the service is in use. If you run a small business and wish to give the credit based system a try, Skype Business is a great alternative – check our review of this service out to find out everything you need to know.

That said, there is a place in the market for Voip Discount. While the service it offers isn’t quite as advanced as others we have reviewed, its brand of low-cost calling and simple tools will definitely appeal to some users who are looking for an uncomplicated approach to VOIP-based calling. If this sounds like you – give Voip Discount a try!

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