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Grasshopper Review

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The rather unusually named Grasshopper takes the no. 6 spot in our rankings. Advertising itself as the ‘entrepreneurs phone system’ Grasshopper offers small businesses the chance to improve their professionalism and image by deploying a phone system that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Fortune 500 company. Sounds great – and it is! In truth, Grasshopper not only offers a high quality product but it also offers users a range of plans to help them as they grow, ensuring that the Grasshopper service effectively grows with them. All of this is combined with reliability and quality, meaning Grasshopper is an excellent choice for anyone looking to introduce VOIP into their small business communications system.

The name Grasshopper was borne out of the idea that grasshoppers have an ability to propel themselves forward at a rate seemingly incompatible with their size and stature. This is precisely the idea behind Grasshopper’s VOIP services – it provides startups and small businesses with the communications services that will help them grow (“propel themselves forward”) at a price they can afford. As you would expect, setting up the system is simple and straightforward and can be completed entirely online. New users decide whether to keep their existing number by porting it to Grasshopper, or choosing a new number or numbers. Then users can set a greeting message, build menus, add extensions for employees or departments and generally structure their phone system – it couldn’t be simpler.

This review would be lacking if it didn’t devote some time to the content of the cryptically named packages that Grasshopper provides for its customers. These four packages – PAYG (Pay As You Grow), RAMP, GROW and MAX are intended to work with organizations as they develop and provide all of the services that a growing business needs throughout the various stages of its development. The cheapest plan PAYG, for example, provides just one number (toll free or local), 100 minutes of calling time and the standard unlimited extensions and technical support offered to all Grasshopper users. This stands in contrast to the most expensive plan, offered for $199 per month which includes up to three numbers (and unlimited existing number transfers), 10,000 minutes of call time per month, unlimited extensions, technical support and access to a wide range of additional features including the Grasshopper Voice Studio (that lets users record their own greetings and menu messages).

As you would expect from a company like Grasshopper, all of the above plans are also jam-packed with great features that help to improve the user-experience for callers and operators alike. High quality voicemail features (including voice-to-text mail), online account management, dial-by-name directories, full iPhone and blackberry functionality, Call Forwarding, call recording, Call Waiting, music on hold… the list really is endless. While not all of these features are available on all of the plans offered by the service, they can be added as an additional feature to any plan for an additional fee.

If you’re looking for a great VOIP-based phone system to help your business achieve its potential (without breaking the bank), Grasshopper could be the perfect choice. Head over to the Grasshopper site to find out everything you need to know about this great service.

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