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eVoice is a powerful yet simple phone system for business users that helps to improve service, efficiency and productivity in the answering and management of calls, whilst also reducing costs and improving quality. Whilst this all sounds a little too good to be true, the benefits of implementing a system like the one from eVoice are well proven in the small business setting, so this sort of system could well be an ideal way to cut costs in your business. Brought to market by J2, a company that is also behind OneBox, eFax and other recognisable brands in this industry, eVoice combines quality with value to create a product that couldn’t be more fit for purpose.

So how does eVoice work? Once it’s set up, users select an audio greeting (which can be professionally recorded by the user, based on one of the computer voice recordings or a stock-sound file that can be uploaded to the service) which plays to incoming callers. The system will then automatically forward the call to the relevant staff member or phone (depending on how you have set up the system), sent directly to voicemail or prompt the caller to enter more information. Operators can see information about the caller before answering the call and access new and saved voicemail messages by email, online, on the phone or even on the eVoice mobile app. Great stuff.

Setting up eVoice is simple and straightforward, with users being able to manage most of the process online. The service can be updated, maintained and monitored through an online account on the eVoice client site, meaning there’s no waiting on hold to make changes to your account. The service works with any type of phone (cell phone, office phone, home phone, Softphone etc.) provided it is connected to at least one working ten-digit telephone number. All set up activities can be undertaken by a non-IT specialist member of staff – no technical skills are necessary!

eVoice operates three different pricing structures, at $9.95, $19.95 and $29.95, depending on the number of inclusive minutes and features. The cheapest package offers 300 monthly minutes and 2 extensions; the middle package 500 minutes and 3 extensions and the most expensive package 1000 minutes and 5 extensions. VIP setup and support is available on all but the cheapest package (although customer support is still available for all users) and the per-minute rate (once you’re outside of your inclusive minute allowance) is cheaper the more you pay per month for your package. Many of the best features however are “core features” (including voicemail, hold music, greetings, Call Forwarding, call screening, call blocking, dial-by-name and more) and are therefore available with all packages. Finally, there are no cancellation fees, no lengthy contracts and a 30-day free trial to see whether you like eVoice. Perfect!

If you’re looking to save money on your business phone bills whilst also improving the efficiency and professionalism of your customers' calling experience, eVoice is a great choice. Hit the link below to find out everything you need to know about the eVoice service!

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